droidcon 2012 Berlin - Video Impressions

droidcon 2012 was not only an interesting gathering of relevant developers and companies. Also community-wise the Urania in Berlin was a place to be during the conference as can be seen in our video.



Slides and Videos of droidcon 2012 in Berlin

Most slides of the presentations given at droidcon 2012 in Berlin are online now and can be accessed. Some are still missing but we are optimistic that we will be able to add them soon.



Slides and videos of droidcon 2012: upload has begun

The first part of the slides and also some videos of the talks which were held at droidcon 2012 are now online (click on talk titles). Collecting of updated slide decks and video rendering is going on and we are optimistic to have it all finished in a few days.



THANK YOU for being part of droidcon 2012 Berlin

Droidcon Berlin 2012 is over now and we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you: to our attendees, sponsors, partners, speakers, helpers and the team behind the scenes! Without all of you this event wouldn't have been as awesome as it was!
With more than 630 barcamp participants, more than 800 conference attendees and more than 50 talks during the conference day the 4th edition of droidcon Berlin wasn't only a huge success but also a new record!



Hot from the Presses – Room Plan, Topical Icons, droidcon App and Digital Flyer

There are just a few days left until droidcon Berlin starts. We applied finishing touches to the program. The agenda is now mounted both vertically (talks in rooms) and horizontally (talks in time slots). Rooms are identified by five colours, topics are identified by 8 icons - please have a look. We believe this is a clear and helpful directory. Btw, here’s a .pdf of the program for download.



droidcon Conference | March 14, 2012 Berlin

Berlin is about to become not only the Silicon Valley but also the Android capital of Germany. Latest evidence: Already for the 4th time the biggest independent Android conference worldwide, droidcon, takes place in Berlin. From 9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. participants can attend talks covering a wide range of topics:
  • Development/SDKs/Tools
  • Cross-plattform/HTML5
  • Business
  • Sensoren/Interaction
  • Automotive, Plattform
  • Professional Development
  • Games, Interfaces/Accessoires und



Welcome to the Biggest Barcamp in Europe | 13 March 2012

On Tuesday, March 13, the Droidcon barcamp is taking place for the fourth time. Unlike the conference on the following day, the barcamp is an occasion to propose talks or workshops directly to the other participants and let them vote for the sessions which they wish to hear.



Already signed up for droidcon Monday? | 12 March 2012

Droidcon Monday enables all droidcon fans to get in touch with other community members and meet friends - even before the barcamp - a great opportunity to compare notes outside the Urania walls and see what Berlin has to offer.
Among the things we recommend to do on droidcon Monday is to pay a visit to Berlin start-ups or the Google Institute and, well, do some sightseeing - Berlin is worth it!


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