APC contest, fact-checking and a look back


Now that the call for papers for droidcon Berlin 2013 is in the wild and the submissions have started to wash in – a lot of really interesting stuff!– we’d like to point to what has happened since the last Berlin droidcon and to build up some awareness for what is ahead. 


Here you go: The range of mobile devices is going to become ever broader. Last May, we saw cameras, cash registers and car stereos at droidcon, but we believe that this is just the start. What we are going to see further on is a far-reaching specialization, possibly even individualization of devices. And probably some momentum might come out of the droidcon community. To cut it short: After last year’s ADK Open Call for Google Developer Day droidcon has teamed up with VIA, the manufacturer of the Android PC board. Together, we invite you to prototype your favourite Android device. The best ideas will receive a board and support to realize a prototype. For updates on dates and rules, please join the APC Open Call CommunityEven more questions? Ask +Friedger Müffke (gplus.to/friedger)


Speaking about what was showcased last time in Berlin: Among the devices on display was the Takwak outdoor smartphone. Now it is available; let’s see which experiences we will hear about in April in Berlin, when the winter is over and the first rough conditions lie behind the users. Also new back then and in use right now: Sony’s floating touch technology enabling users of the Xperia Sola to operate the screen without actually touching it. Until now, there hasn’t been too much buzz about it – as far as we know. But we’re keen to exchange views. Also among the things we like to keep our eyes on is Certgate’s MAPL (Mobile Application Protection Layer) technology for Android announced last May in Berlin. We’re looking forward to learn about what fortified apps has been created.


To close, a brief look back at droidcon gatherings worldwide in the last weeks:

  • On 25/26 October Thibaut and his team held droidcon UK in London with 1100 participants and 60+ presentations. 15 new apps and 1 new phone were presented, and the gaming console guys of Ouya introduced their first European employee.
  • droidcon Eastern Europe in Bucharest and droidcon India in Bangalore took place at the same time, on 2/3 November. Dan, who organized Bucharest for the second time, tells us about 250 participants from 12 countries and 23 presentations – among them nine new apps, all from the region!
  • Kiran and his team welcomed 330 participants at droidcon India in Bangalore, with 38 sessions. Compared to the first Bangalore event in 2011, they saw an increased focus on web-native discussions and UX/UI challenges.
  • On 22/23 November at droidcon NL in Amsterdam, Jorik’s team had 500 participants, 35 speakers, and a big Android barbecue. A new Facebook SDK was introduced and attendees enjoyed the famous live demo of an Android-powered Märklin model railroad train.
  • The most recent event was droidcon Spain in Murcia on 5/6 December. Rafael, who was in the driver’s seat at this youngest member of the droidcon family, happily tells us about 350 attendees, 24 speakers and a very positive echo of audience and media.

@flipper83 about Tuenti new Android architecture (droidcon Spain)


Heinrich (droidcon program coordinator)