droidcon – program highlights


The program of droidcon Berlin 2013 is out and once or twice a week we highlight some talks and present them to you. Here's the first round:

  • In the topic area of development tools for example Hans Dockter committed himself to give a presentation about the Gradle build system. Hans, who has long-standing experience in project automation, is founder of the Gradle Open Source project and CEO of Gradleware, the company behind Gradle.
  • Also about tools and their usage is the talk of Facebook’s Simon Stewart, who has a really broad base of experience to speak about: The Facebook app is among the most downloaded Android apps ever, making development an extremely complex challenge. Simon introduces the testing and build tools Facebook uses, the developer workflow, and the structure of the codebase.
  • Of particular relevance for those who are responsible for providing fail-safe applications is the talk of Bugsense founder and CEO Panagiotis Papadopoulos. By using crash data, the company analyzes the causes of API failures in Android applications.
  • Marakana CEO Marko Gargenta attends to the various layers of security in Android and how they work together. Among other perspectives, he’ll dive into the security architecture, give an overview of file system encryption, and touch on device policy administration. Marko has taught Android to over 1,000 developers. He founded Marakana in 2001 to help underprivileged youth, minorities, and inner-city kids learn web technologies.


  • Surprising, because very different from usual Android app development is what Dominik Helleberg, Inovex, Bernhard Hochstätter and Michael Krümmling, both Deutsche Telekom, did: make Android run on an E-Ink device. They’ll report about their experiences, show parts of the resulting product, look at the changes on system level and reveal tweaks on the framework side.
  • Last, but not least: Google’s Mike West (one of two Googlers who offered to speak at droidcon - stay tuned to find out more next week) will be on stage for a talk about Chrome on Android. And maybe we can even get him to reveal more about the rumour about a system migration the other way round: Android apps running inside Chrome OS.

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