LG Electronics Mobile Communications

A global leader and innovator in the global mobile communications industry, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company (LG) provides consumers with superior mobile experiences through its smart technology and stylish design, while creating new trends based on consumer insights and demands.

Increasingly emerging as a leader in smart devices, LG produces a full line-up of smartphones from premium to mass-tier, which deliver exceptional value and a singular user experience to consumers all around the world. LG aggressively focuses on setting new standards in mobile technologies and developing market-leading smartphones and tablet PCs with superb hardware functionality, innovative design and outstanding displays.

With strong technology leadership in the mobile industry, LG is at the forefront of new trends in smart devices with innovative features such as multi-core processors, 3D, bright and clear displays, and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). With innovations and features such as these, LG continues to roll out an array of market-leading smart devices, raising the bar for consumer satisfaction. LG is also increasingly helping to shape the course of smartphone platforms, and increase customer choice, through its close relationship with partners like Google and other key players. 

Through innovations that enhance users’ everyday lives, LG will continue to set trends and shape the future of mobile phones.


http://www.lg.com  - LG Electronics Global

http://developer.lge.com – LG Electronics Developer Portal for Content Developers for Mobile Phones and SmartTVs


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