Backend Services for Your Mobile Apps

Netmera aims to help all mobile app developer teams (small or big) to create engaging, beautiful apps by offering multi platform SDK's and backend services such as content management, push notifications, geo queries, user management and many more. So any mobile developer can connect an app to Netmera Cloud Backend within few minutes.

Netmera is particularly helpful for content based apps. For example; if your app involves heavy use of images, audio, video or other HTML content, Netmera helps you with its automatic image resizing (for various screen sizes), video streaming and built-in location aware full text search engine.

Netmera offers location based rich media push notifications to increase app engagement. With advanced push notifications developers, publishers and marketers can create and execute mobile campaigns and increase app engagement by targeting their users based on their locations or behaviour.

Since Netmera starts with a free plan any developer can start trying out all these features.

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