Workshop: Internet of Things and Rapid Prototyping using Android 1

Internet of Things
06/16/2016 -
16:00 to 16:45
Stage 2

Session abstract: 

relayr created a mobile app to enable app developers to quickly prototype apps without physical components.
Internet of Things can be difficult to understand and execute as it requires knowledge of hardware, firmware, client- and backend-software. IoT developers are actively taking shortcuts to lower all these entry barriers. We decided to develop an open-source solution that cuts down tedious development time. Proto IoT is a mobile application which enables your phone to become the hardware behind your IoT project. It gives you access to the phone’s sensors and it provides real-time data visualization, cloud connection and if-this-then-that rules and interactions.
In this workshop we will empower developers to bring an IoT project from idea to tangible working prototype.

The workshop is hosted by relayr in cooperation with BerlinPartner.

Session Audio: