Workshop: Make Your Apps Human - Get Hands On With Microsoft Cognitive Services

06/15/2016 -
10:30 to 16:30
Stage 3

Session abstract: 

Learn how to use Microsoft's vast array of online services to extend your application with magical capabilities.

With two different focused workshops - each 2,5 hours - we will give you the chance to get in-depth hands on experience with Microsoft Cognitive Services. Each workshop will cover a different set of services to get you familiar with the API usage and how you can enrich your apps with the possibilities they offer. After each workshop you will have coded a fully functional Android app and used different Cognitive Service APIs. Don't worry, we will guide you through the whole process and guarantee you'll have a lot of fun!

Session #1:

MimicMe (Xamarin.Forms):

I’ll take you through the creation of a simple party-game called „MimicMe“ using Xamarin.Forms. We make use of the Emotion API and the Camera, so make sure to bring your Android device with you.

Session #2:

Fischers Fritze (native Android):

I’ll take you through the creation of another simple party-game, this time it’s even a native Android app! I’ll show you how to use the Speech Recognition API (and the microphone, obviously), so make sure to bring your Android device!

The code and the slides will be available on GitHub after the sessions.

(Also don’t judge me if the apps aren’t really beautiful. I’m a developer, not a designer. Feel free to suggest ideas during the workshop!)