droidcon Berlin starts off with a barcamp on Wednesday, followed by two conference days and finally it features a one-day hackathon on June 6, 2015.

The droidcon hackathon is your chance to put into practice everything you’ll have learned at the conference, and maybe form some lasting partnerships when you’re bringing your ideas to life! You’ll be joining forces with other passionate Android developers to create something unique – or even win a prize provided by our hackathon partners. This hack will attract some of the most talented coders and creative experts!

The hackathon weekend is included in the price of your droidcon Berlin registration, but you will have to sign up for it separately.

How can you join the hackathon?

1. Get a ticket for droidcon
2. sign up here to reserve your spot for the hackathon (link coming soon)

What will we provide?

There will be several challenges that you can work on in groups. Our partners will send amazing projects or gadgets to hack and some of their experts who will explain it and help you make something amazing by mentoring you. We'll have SDKs, food, software and coffee.

What are the challenges?

We'll provide more information about our challenges and partners in this section soon.